The Living Labyrinth

I thoroughly enjoyed myself this Feb/Mar planting a willow labyrinth. I’ve wanted to create a space at Keigwin for us to step out of the busy and noisy stream of life into a place for whatever one needs – prayer, contemplation, acceptance, emancipation, joy and celebration. I love the sensation of an inward wandering to…… Continue reading The Living Labyrinth

Herbal Leys

Herbal leys improve a tired pasture and break up old plough pans. The chicory tap root works down through the pan, thereby reducing vulnerability to drought, and the root draws up minerals and trace elements making them available for our cows. Other herbs like birdsfoot trefoil and plantains aid digestion and reduce bloat and methane…… Continue reading Herbal Leys

Willow ready for pick up

Thank goodness I found something to replace mypex with – ECOTEX: The first professional grade, weed control membrane made purely from organic material that is fully compostable, has a low carbon footprint and is naturally fire resistant is now available in the UK exclusively from Hy-Tex. It is made purely from an environmentally friendly alternative called Polylactic…… Continue reading Willow ready for pick up


Iris is 13 years old and has retired from having calves. This is because she was beginning to have troubles with calving and we didn’t want to push her. Instead her job is to oversee the young stock when they are seperated from their mums in the winter. This ensures that the mums can have…… Continue reading IRIS – OUR MATRIARCH


Piers has been busy growing a great selection of vegetables – our freezer is full of tomatoes and broad beans, I’ve been making pesto from the basil bushes, cucumbers and courgettes, red and white cabbages…. and these magnificent aubergines! Our fruit has been super too, from Arthur’s James Grieve surrounded by golden marjoram… And a…… Continue reading VEG AND FRUIT


I was asked to take part in a short video in West Cornwall to promote the CEE bill, with the aim to raise public awareness and get our Cornish MPs to vote in support of it. I was asked:  what environmental changes have I seen in farming in recent years? More extreme weather – specifically…… Continue reading CLIMATE CHANGE IN CORNWALL


I had to share these two photos of Beef Wellington cooked perfectly for Christmas dinner by Will Poole and Johnny hodge, for their families. Not an easy task to get right, but when it is, like these, it’s a sumptuous way to eat it! Will’s Beef Wellington And Johnny’s


A traditional beef pasty cooked by Rob Wright (the best chef The Gurnards Head ever had, works with Fat Hen cooking up wild feasts with foraged food, having also cooked for Fifteen, The Lansdowne, and his own restaurant, Untitled in PZ). So very good! Pasty pastry:   450g bread flour, 125g lard, 125g grated dripping,  5g salt, 200-300ml…… Continue reading BEEF PASTIES AND TOPSIDE