The Beef Box

Beef to remember

All our animals go to Randal Old’s in St Just who has one of the few remaining family-run abattoirs and butchery in England, and is Soil Association Approved. This means our cattle are finished with as little stress as possible. Our beef is hung for three -four weeks and then butchered to our specifications. We sometimes have Merv, at Chypraze Farm, make up a choice of sausages at different times of the year from our mince, Merguez, North African and spicy, beef and tomato – a juicy banger, and Boerewors, South African with 50% of pork from his Happy Pigs.

Joints and steaks

Each box will have a small joint of either rib, topside, top rump, or silverside, and a selection of two sirloin, two rump, or two ribeye steaks depending on the size of box.

Mince and sausages

Each box will have several packs of mince which also make great burgers. We will also do a choice of sausage depending on the season and demand.

Other cuts

Each box will have a selection of chuck / braising casserole steak, frying / minute steak, skirt or shin, and occasionally short ribs.

Please be aware that our boxes will vary but will always have a good selection to suit the season. It is helpful to let me know if you have a preference for a smaller or larger box. Please be aware that you are responsible for picking up your box.

The box is between £60 – £100 (@£13/kilo) depending on size

Let me know if:

  • you would like a whole fillet of beef – they are for sale
  • you would like any offal; heart, kidneys, liver, cheeks, tongue, oxtail and marrow bones
  • you would like to buy something individually
  • you would like something in particular that is not listed

These will be priced accordingly