Cutting bracken on the moor – the more the merrier, its hot sweaty work using long handled scythes and bill hooks. Back in August we were busy cutting an area of the moor for several reasons:its a good way of suppressing bracken;it makes a fantastic garden mulch high in potash;it makes way for grasses and…… Continue reading CUTTING BRACKEN


A Bit About Moorlands Moorland is in fact a man-made landscape dating back several thousand years since we started to domesticate animals. Basically animals were shepherded on the higher grounds which were less productive, and moorland was established. It become an incredibly rich landscape supporting a wonderfully diverse flora and fauna which was dependent on…… Continue reading BACK ON THE MOOR


Cook on the BBQ being careful not to pierce the skin or overcook! Pop in a finger bap with mustard and tomato sauce – simple and a great favourite with children. Alternatively try this recipe for a great summer dish; Baked Beef Sausages with lentils 1 pack of sausages (8 per bag)2 red peppers cut…… Continue reading THE SAUSAGES


We started to graze the cows on the moor today. This has been an ambition of ours for a long time, and has not been easy to put into action. Firstly, people are generally unsure about it; are the cows going to chase them? How inconvenient is it going to be for neighbouring farmers, walkers…… Continue reading ON COW DUTY


Brush the beef burgers with oil and cook them on the BBQ for 4-6 minutes each side depending on how you like them. Toast a bap on the cut side or warm a pitta bread while the burger is cooking. Stuff the bap or pitta with salad, sweet pepper relish or sour cream and tuck…… Continue reading THE BEEF BURGERS


You will need for 8 kebabs; 1 pack of top rump or rump steak1 pack of halloumi1 tbsp of finely chopped thyme1 tbsp of finely chopped mint3 cloves of garlic1/2 lemon2 tbsp olive oil Cut the meat and the halloumi into ~ 2cm cubes. Thread the meat and halloumi alternately on the skewers and place…… Continue reading BEEF AND HALLOUMI KEBABS


Hello everyone!  Your summer box is a mix of our traditional cuts and all sorts for the BBQ. Included are sausages, beef burgers, minute/frying steaks, and meat for kebabs, and steaks.  Happy BBQing – we are on for a really hot summer. Some tips for the BBQ or griddle pan: have the BBQ really hot…… Continue reading YOUR BBQ BEEF BOX


We are an organic wind-powered mixed farm, on the North Atlantic Coast of West Penwith. We look after our animals simply and naturally. Our farm is a family affair with a whole mix of animals lending their part to a rich and full way of life. We use local and traditional farming methods combined with…… Continue reading WELCOME TO KEIGWIN CAPERS!