Dexter Beef

Renowned for it’s full-bodied flavour, being intensely rich and juicy

Dexters are about quality not quantity

Finely grained muscling of the smaller cow, with it’s unique ‘spider’ marbling of fat keeps the flavours locked into the most tender beef. Descended from our ancient Celtic breeds, they have helped create the historic field patterns and moorlands we see today and are well suited to this wild landscape. At Higher Keigwin they are the keystone species; a thrifty, light-footed herbivore that grazes a diversity of habitats and transforms it into the most fortifying and nourishing of all meats.


A varied diet keeps them healthy and vigorous, a natural system that is now known to produce meat that is low in saturated fats and rich in natural vitamins, CLAs and Omega 3, 6 and 9. Whilst plantain and birdsfoot trefoil reduces methane production.


We rarely require a vet or use mainstream farm medicines and we don’t routinely worm or provide mineral lick. Our cows are able to medicinally graze and homeopathy is our first port of call.


This system is very low input and sequesters carbon. By eating local meat our customers are reducing food miles and can trust that they are eating beef that is truly fortifying and benefiting nature.

In times of old when cooks were bold and ovens weren’t invented, One wanted beef from off the heath to eat as God intended!