We are an organic beef and wildlife farm in West Penwith, Cornwall. We focus on restoring the dynamic relationship between nature and farming, taking inspiration from the ancient history of this unique landscape to enhance diversity and resilience for the future.

Dexter Cows

The Dexters are our keystone specie. They explore and graze a diversity of habitats on the farm; moorlands, species-rich pastures, wet woodland, wet meadows, scrapes and pools, lying within an ancient tapestry of Cornish hedges and hedgerows. The only other food they have is haylage, cut after the pastures have flowered in July, for their winter forage.

We are organic

Being organic is a foundation principal for us – we believe it’s fundamental to the farms health and the ecosystem it functions within. We keep bees and they remind us how important this is. This farming system ensures a rich canvas of unadulterated flowering grasses, wild flowers, trees and hedgerows for early, mid and late season nectar and pollen!


Wildlife needs a mosaic of wild habitats and also ones created by farming with nature; a system that does not prioritise efficiency and productivity at the expense of the ecosystem it is part of. When farming is working with nature everything benefits and is provided for – together we can enhance well-being and resilience in the landscape.

We sell our beef boxes locally