A traditional beef pasty cooked by Rob Wright (the best chef The Gurnards Head ever had, works with Fat Hen cooking up wild feasts with foraged food, having also cooked for Fifteen, The Lansdowne, and his own restaurant, Untitled in PZ). So very good!

Pasty pastry:   450g bread flour, 125g lard, 125g grated dripping,  5g salt, 200-300ml iced water.

Pasty filling:    330g skirt, 200g swede, 500g potato,150g onion, good seasoning of salt and pepper.        Cook in the oven for 1 hour at 200c

Rob’s roast topside

The joint was taken out of the fridge two hours before going in the oven. Then oiled and salted, placed on a trivet of vegetables on the middle shelf for about one hour at 225c. Rested for forty minutes, where it will continue to cook. This is just how I like my topside, well seasoned and ‘sealed’ on the outside, tender and pink on the inside.

By Lisa Guy

I am an organic beef and wildlife farmer

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