Willow Gardens

willow coppicing

We coppice 2 acres of native hybrid willow, basket willow and grey willow. This creates a rich and diverse age structure of woodland habitat. The coupes are embedded within our native grey willow woodland to ensure connectivity with the existing habitat.

Hybrid Willow

We grow this for our wood fuel on an 8 year rotation, and harvest willow whips yearly for living willow structures, fences and hurdles, and willow cuttings for planting.

Basket Willow

We have a small area of basket willow planted with Dark Dicks, Dicky Meadows, Helix and Brittany Blue, with whips available for weaving and cuttings for planting.

Native Grey willow

We coppice some areas of grey willow and cuttings are available as bundles for hurdles and cuttings for natural regeneration and conservation projects.