About Us

Higher Keigwin Farm

We are an organic beef and wildlife farm in West Penwith, Cornwall. We focus on restoring the dynamic relationship between nature and people, taking inspiration from the ancient history of this unique landscape, to restore wildlife and diversity, and build resilience for the future.

Lisa Guy

I have a passion for understanding and exploring how farming can work in harmony with nature and wildlife.


I studied at Seale-Hayne Agricultural College in Devon, graduating with a degree in Agriculture and Countryside Management in 1993. We have lived and farmed at Higher Keigwin since 1996.

Piers Guy

I work in renewable energy when I am not farming and part of my mission is to make sure that my projects include landscape scale habitat restoration and socio-economic opportunities for local communities.


I studied at Seale-Hayne Agricultural College too, which is where I met Lisa! I graduated with a straight degree in Agriculture in 1991.

Pen-y-Cymoedd Wind Farm – one of the largest peatland restoration projects in England, creating opportunities for local communities to engage with their environment