Hello everyone!  Your summer box is a mix of our traditional cuts and all sorts for the BBQ. Included are sausages, beef burgers, minute/frying steaks, and meat for kebabs, and steaks.  Happy BBQing – we are on for a really hot summer.

Some tips for the BBQ or griddle pan:

  • have the BBQ really hot to ensure the meat is well sealed. Meat should sizzle immediately when it touches the base of the BBQ to avoid it sweating and becoming tough;
  • when BBQing seal the meat on both sides. Beads of juice appearing on the uncooked side indicate the meat is ready to turn. If steak is turned too soon or too often it becomes dry and tough which is not what we want;
  • rare meat needs only to be well sealed. To avoid charring if cooking further, reduce heat after the meat is sealed. This may also apply to meat that has been marinated in a sweet sauce as this will burn easily;
  • don’t be tempted to cut into the steak to see if it is cooked, just press the surface with the tongs: if there is a lot of give the meat is rare, as this becomes more resistant it is getting to be medium to well done.

By Lisa Guy

I am an organic beef and wildlife farmer

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