Brush the beef burgers with oil and cook them on the BBQ for 4-6 minutes each side depending on how you like them. Toast a bap on the cut side or warm a pitta bread while the burger is cooking. Stuff the bap or pitta with salad, sweet pepper relish or sour cream and tuck in! These are really good with a jacket potato and sour cream and chives.

If you want to make your own beef burgers I use the chuck steak and mince it quite finely.  Add an egg,  1 tbsp of olive oil and then whatever herbs and spices you like.  My favourite is a couple of cloves of garlic (wild,  if its the right time of year),  a sprig of thyme that you literally rub the small leaves off,  and a pinch of cayenne or fresh chilli.  I love home made burgers and they are really so easy to make.  Make sure you season them with salt and pepper.

By Lisa Guy

I am an organic beef and wildlife farmer

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