It’s quite a journey with our bees and lots of ups and downs.  I soon realise that warre hives have a place, but not here! I find them really tricky to work with and eventually I replace with National hives and am able to start harvesting honey. Bees are fascinating and I realise they have a lot to teach me.

Some frames full of capped honey – liquid gold

It’s taken me time to build up confidence and familiarity with our bees, and I decide to continue my philosophy of ‘nature knows best, so best work with nature’. This means having a low input approach – I keep an eye, intervene only when necessary, use homeopathic remedies if required, if they are determined to swarm I trust their is good reason, and I only take excess honey while leaving them with a full super of honey for winter stores. 

By Lisa Guy

I am an organic beef and wildlife farmer

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