We start looking for our Dexter cows and plan for their arrival, so we get out the old baler and grease her up ready to bale the hay for some winter feed.

Our three children are now young adults and are well able to swing a bale or two.

We are so lucky to find some beautiful short leg Dexters close to home in Nancledra, from the Guthrie Herd.  So Iris, Ina and Imber join us in the Summer – a mother and her 2 daughters. Here they are grazing Higher Downs, an area of heath by Chun Quiot. I think they look at home:

We add four more cows from Worcester from the Sandlin herd. What a journey home that was; M5 closed around Bristol, leading to us going through all the back streets to try and get clear and back on the motorway. But they are worth it – non-short leg Dexters with excellent breeding, in calf with calf at foot. Two are black, one brown, and a dun – a love a mix of colours.

And to complete our new herd, Jon brings in four of his Dexters from the Brunyee Herd. We feel that we now have a good mix of breeding lines and numbers to help us manage our moorlands and bring our fields back into good fettle.

By Lisa Guy

I am an organic beef and wildlife farmer

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