Finally, after months of trialling and preparing, the entire 20 acres of Tor Noon is now open for the ponies to graze. The ‘invisible’ fence is a blue cable that we have lain around the perimeter of Tor Noon. It acts in a similar way to electric fencing, but with the bonus of it not being seen to enclose an area. We wanted to implement this system for several reasons;

– to enable Tor Noon to be an open heath with minimum use of electric fencing 

– to enable the ponies to drink naturally from the pools which will prevent them growing in

– to help develop more complexity and diversity of flora and fauna

– to enable the ponies to be more naturalized and thereby healthy and happy

– to allow the heath to become a dynamic ecosystem

The ponies wear a collar around their necks that beeps if they come within 2-3 meters of the cable and will give them a small electric pulse if they do not heed this initial warning. From my observation, they learn quickly and respond to the audio warning well, and they learn very quickly where the perimeter lies. 

Here is Piers laying the cable along the ditch under the watchful eyes of Sammy and Torak

One of three signs that have been placed strategically for people to be aware that they are entering an area where ponies are roaming freely

By Lisa Guy

I am an organic beef and wildlife farmer

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