Piers is the main veg grower, and is particularly good at successional growing and winter veg in the poly tunnel – it is wonderful to be able to pick a variety of vegetables and reduce our reliance on ‘shop-bought’. I’ve been clearing out the tomatoes and basil from the tunnel to make room for some winter vegetables that Piers will bring in from outside. We are having a stir-fry tonight with one of these cabbages, with coriander, peppers and mangetout (from the poly).

Here are Piers winter cabbages and kale – looking great.

Piers commissioned our nephew Ludo to make a scarecrow. We named him Geoff and he does an excellent job of keeping the birds of our veg!

Piers with one of his crown princes – one of many

By Lisa Guy

I am an organic beef and wildlife farmer

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