It was a hard winter this year for our cows and we were pleased to have our oats to feed them a bit extra – they loved them.

Henny Penny in the snow

This is our Evance 5kw turbine which produces all our electricity and we also sell ~ one fifth. With the new feed-in tariff installing a wind turbine is a fantastic option if you have an appropriate site; one like ours will pay back in~5 years. Its a real incentive to understand how much power we use without thinking and how we can be more sustainable in our use. I love the vision of Cornwall becoming independent and resilient with small/medium-scale renewables feeding into the grid, increasing its efficiency and reducing our need and reliance for centralised power. If this was coupled with a renewed respect of power and accountability for its production rather than its wanton use perhaps we wouldn’t need them at all!

By Lisa Guy

I am an organic beef and wildlife farmer

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